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Another pile of shit
Beatle, Not David, 38 y.o.
United Kingdom

Apr 10, 2014
Break The Ice

­Gorjess87­ will block for any negatives....why would anyone give her a negative??? Is it because she has a name, clever play on words, but more designed for attention than anything else? Then again most girls who are overlooked in real life can come on sites like this and make a real

Innards, Mavis, 36 y.o.
United Kingdom

Apr 8, 2014

­Apr 04, 23:03­ ­­daveoldman: ­ ­­­u fuck for cash?­­
­­­­ ­­Apr 04, 23:25­ ­­Innards: ­ ­­­yes.  ­£2000 for a blowy­­

It Is What It Is
Capshaw, Capshaw, 36 y.o.
United States

Apr 7, 2014

Waiting on my passport. I'm going on vacation in three or four weeks for the first time ever really. I've had vacation time before but always used it in the winter to go on hunting trips. I'm going somewhere nice and sunny this time.

You Know Where I AM...
Sarah, Sara, 27 y.o.
United States

Apr 4, 2014
What If

If I had been perfect would the outcome be different? Te quiero.

no name
Urs, Ursula, 27 y.o.
South Africa

Mar 29, 2014

Well, been a WHILE since my last blog... to which I have now moved and live in a different country altogether. funny stuff.
­I have become a Christian in the last 3 years, also fitness orientated, I horse ride as a hobby and enjoy the gym, today is a rest day for me, so just relaxing at home

what do you think
busty, Lexi, 51 y.o.
United Kingdom

Mar 27, 2014

Hi guys, Not been on here much for a while, so if you have missed me, let me know and ill see what I can do for you......knowing how much you like to see tits out on cam, it will make my day as much as yours, im sure xx

Shakes the man of my Dream
Rose, Tinsil, 47 y.o.

Mar 26, 2014
The Babe of My Life

­­Dave­ is the name of my ­ babe, ­ ­ i think we have so many things in common, I love music as he does, I love him as he often said to me he does, but it is so easy to say i love you.......
­when he comes here and person said he was broadcasting himself, i

coles, fercolish, 37 y.o.

Mar 19, 2014
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My Poems
Tigz, Miss, 39 y.o.
United Kingdom

Mar 13, 2014
Our Angel

­­I really can’t find the words to express my voice­­­
­­­­The day that life had to make a final choice.­­
­­­­Friday the 13th was the fateful day,­­
­­­­I really wanted my mum to be ok.­­

Im going to go down on you !
ChrisS, Chris, 42 y.o.
United Kingdom

Feb 7, 2014
Off work with man flu

Lying in bed with man flu, browing on here as you do